TILT AMUSEMENTS: Used/Refurbished Pinball Machines

For the purposes of this website, pinball machines that have never had an owner can be explored in more detail in the 'New' section. This page, on the other hand, is the place to check for used, refurbished or restored pinball machines including information about machines we're currently restoring.

Get a fascinating lesson in the history and lasting appeal of pinball machines from Trent in this youtube video from Columbus Alive (2008):

Inventory changes frequently, especially in the heat of auction season, so it may be difficult to maintain the latest up to the moment information about the used and restored machines we handle on this web page. The best way to stay updated on the used machines we're restoring and selling is to sign up for our newsletter. And you can always contact us to let us know what machine you're interested in by using the form below!

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