TILT AMUSEMENTS is a full-service pinball and coin-op sales and maintenance business owned and operated by pinball enthusiasts. Where you buy your machines, and who you let service them, really matters. Don't make the mistake of spending thousands of dollars with a vendor who is just some dude in a bathrobe reselling stuff over eBay. We take this stuff seriously - to the point that yes, some people probably think we have a few marbles loose. But we love pinball and want to do everything we can to preserve this unique mechanical form of entertainment for generations to come.

We play in tournaments, we travel all over the world, we collect and restore old machines, and we are distributors for Stern Pinball, one of a handful of pinball manufacturers to have survived since the golden age of pinball machines, and the exclusive designers of spectacular licensed machines including Led Zeppelin, Avengers Infinity Quest, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes.


You can find our handywork throughout Ohio where many bar and arcade owners are savvy enough to stock the good machines that can bring in business and extra revenue. So if you want to put a pinball machine in your home, bar, restaurant, arcade, or office - and nothing says 'cool place to work' like a pinball machine in the break room - then you came to the right people to facilitate it. Click the navigation at the top to find out more about the area of the site that interests you.